Traditional Bavarian Beer Specialties  

Tucher Helles Hefeweizen - Recipe Number 132
Tucher Dunkles Hefeweizen - Recipe Number 136
Tucher Kristallweizen - Recipe Number 134

Tucher Helles Hefeweizen is a yeasty wheat beer how the Franconians like to drink it, Tucher's own "Sapienza" yeast and "Bagou" wheat malt together with bright barley malts give this Beer its aromatic yeast character.

With the first sips you experience the lemon prickly flavor with fullbodied banana and kiwi notes and a long lasting tangy finish.

A dark wheat beer for connoisseurs:

Combining Tucher's very own aromatically roasted and very dark "Sapienza" yeast and the power of dark roasted malts gives this Specialty its very aromatic character with a fruity note

Tucher Kristallweizen - a real wheatbeer but quite peculiar ...  crystal clear and sparkling.

The yeast is filtered out gently after brewing yet the gentle fruity flavor remains. 

This makes the Kristallweizen a distinctive wheat beer specialty
 formerly known as

"Champagne" wheat.

Taste:  Crisp and refreshing,
aromatically rounded wheat flavor.
Color:   light with a yeast cloudiness
Original Wort:  11.8%
Alcohol by volume:  5.2%
Brewing Style:  Top fermented
Temperature:  7C / 44F


Taste:  Robust with a malty Aroma
Color:  dark with a yeast cloudiness
Original Wort:  11.8%
Alcohol by volume:  5.2%
Brewing Style:  Top fermented
Temperature:  8C / 46F


Only the finest Ingredients .....
Hops                                     Water                                    Malt
Yeast                                    Reinheitsgebot                      Medals

Taste:  prickly and fruity
Color:  brilliantly light and clear
Original Wort:  11.6%
Alcohol by volume:  5.1%
Brewing Style:  Top fermented
Temperature:  7C / 44F


Clear & golden with a large frothy head,
Tucher Festbier is an excellent example of
a Märzenbier.
Brewed specially for the festival season,
Tucher Festbier is superb.  It starts with
an amazing bready, but slightly sweet
aroma.  The taste is excellent, with a light
maltiness and hints of bread, grain, a little
bit of pepper and a subtle honey taste to
finish.  Not too bitter, not too sweet,
this beer offers the perfect balance of
flavors to create the ultimate Festbier.

Tucher Festbier

Taste: not too bitter not to sweet
Color:  golden
Original Wort:  13.2%
Alcohol by volume:  5.9%
Brewing Style:  Märzenbier
Temperature:  7C / 44F

Lederer Pils

Lederer is a Premium Pils made with
choice grains and hops and is brewed
according to centuries of tradition.
It has a bright golden body  with an
excellent light but lasting head. 
Lederer's aroma is tantalizing, with a
mild malt sweetness, refreshing hop
notes, and a hint of spice. 
This Pils has a superb clean and crisp
taste, with flavorful light malts,a mild
bitterness, herbal noble hops, and a
crisp bite at the end.
Definately refreshing to the last drop.

Taste: clean and crisp
Color:  bright and golden
Original Wort:  11.52%
Alcohol by volume:  5.07%
Brewing Style:  Pils
Temperature:  7C / 44F

Tucher Franconian Dark - Recipe Number 051
Its secret is the balanced
combination of the
"Tucher Urmalz - original Malt"
& the
"Tucher Roestmalz- roasted Malt"
Both Malts are roasted in an 
elaborate Drumroast method
at different temperatures.
With this special sense for the Malt
a typical franconian Dark developes
that can accompany most meals.

Taste: strong roasted flavor
Color:  firy-dark
Original Wort:  12.3%
Alcohol by volume:  5%
Brewing Style: Bottom fermented
Temperatur:  9C / 48F

Tucher Hefe Weizen            - Non Alcoholic

Recipe Number 330

Taste: fruity aromatic
Color:  amber, lightly cloudy
Original Wort:  6%
Alcohol by volume:  0.5%
Brewing Style: top fermented
Temperatur:  7C / 44F

Refreshingly fruity, brewed with the
"Sapienza" master yeast,
the Alcohol is withdrawn at the very
end -
for the unmistaken Wheat-Beer

Perfect for all that want to stay
This Non Alcoholic Wheatbeer
pairs well with Salads, light meats,
poultry or fish,