Royal Bavarian Brewery of Wheat Beers Tucher Bräu, Nürnberg  Germany 

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Nürnberg without the Tucher family - unthinkable.

For about a half a millenium the fortune and reputation of the patrician Tucher family was crucial in forming the history and name of Nürnberg.  Their word was not merely relied on it also had weight in the city council.  With their "Tucher Trading Company" the family also had relations to Africa. 
In 1815 the family was "knighted" into royalty by the King of Bavaria.  And the Beer - well this is a whole chapter in itself.
Two key factors brought the honest merchant family together - the craft of brewing from Nürnberg  and the quality from the Tucher family ... this is the base to this day that determines all of our actions - reliability.

Nürnberg a city of high Standards

Even when brewing beer Nürnberg has always set the highest standards with their crafts.  In terms of quality in brewing, even long before the "Purity Law of 1516", the "Nürnberg Barley Commandment" was in place since 1303 which meant only what should be in beer can be in beer.  So it is not surprising that with the Nürnberg "Red" Beer came the first quality Beer in Germany from this royal city.

For nearly 350 years, we stand for the beer culture in Nürnberg and committed to the "Purity Law" we share our knowledge and our passion for beer from generation to generation. 
Because beer brewing is above all ... a craft!

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